Friday, July 8, 2011


In case you haven't noticed I am attempting to write a blog.

However, I am basing my attempt on the knowledge that I know what I'm doing.

For those of you in the NOW generation I will share a secret with you. I do not have a clue as to what I'm doing.

Regressing to my initial question, surely I can find out what a blog is from Webster. As an aspiring writer, I keep a copy of his dictionary by my side at all times. (This is somewhat of an inside joke and can not be fully appreciated, unless you are another aspiring writer.)

Hold on a minute while I take that easy reach.

Oh no! According to all revisions of Webster, I have discovered that a blog doesn't exist.

That would mean that I am attempting to write about something that I don't have the slightest idea of where it's taking me and besides that I am writing in a category that is nonexistent. That would mean I am writing in genre of fictitious, fiction.

In that I specialize in non-fiction, that already places me at a severe disadvantage.

Well anyway, I am of the demeanor that I shall attempt the seemingly impossible.


I was born in 1937 in a decorous cabin on the shores of a crystal clear lake. This was in the North where the birds lent their personalities to the beautiful country side by chirping songs throughout the day.

As during my mother's pregnancy with me, my parents were in their second home on the lake and were caught napping (or whatever it is that adults do in bed).

Whatever it was, it initiated contractions in my mother who, after dad called the doctor, was rushed to the hospital .

My birth was easy upon my mother but, for some inexplicable reason I have several dents in my skull.

My parents were of wealth and loved to travel.

As a young child I was introduced to such things as the missions of Southern California, Catalina Island, the Notre Dame cathedral and
the famous stadium where Knute Rockne coached, the wheat fields of Kansas, the Coca-cola museum in Atlanta, Georgia and beautiful Lake Lanier.

I attended the University of Georgia and with straight A grades, membership in a prestigious fraternity and president of my class, I received a Bachelor of Science degree in journalism.

I then pursued my dream to become an outstanding salesman.

Through perseverance and a tenacious outlook, my income level in the 1960’s was close to $100,000.00.

I then chose to open a chain of restaurants which did rather well.

One day, a fellow was cleaning the kitchen and upon questioning him, his answers “opened the window” so that I could see the opportunity for me that existed in janitorial maintenance.

--All of a sudden guilt has swept over me--The truth now commands my body, and I must tell you the story as it actually happened.

Only the part about being born in 1937 is true, the remainder of the story is fictitious fiction.

I was born in Petoskey, Michigan, to a struggling family who derived their income from sales management. Actually we were considered low income.

Then came the second world war which changed everything.

Dad enlisted in the Navy which I heartedly think was a wise choice.

When my dad received his discharge he went to work for a company as a salesman.

So much for the missions because his first territory was in Southern California.

One illustrious summer I went to the YMCA camp on Catalina Island.

Much to my chagrin, while exploring the ocean coast of the island, I was bitten by a crab.

In that Dad was a promising young salesman, we moved to South Bend, Indiana - so much for Notre Dame, its halls and stadium.

We then moved to Kansas City - so much for the wheat fields of Kansas - where we stayed several years and subsequently onto Atlanta - and as our last stop, this explains the Coca-Cola museum-. Atlanta is where I met my wife.

This meeting generated two daughters and three grands.

It’s somewhat sad that I was too young to appreciate the many sights, but I want you to know that I was not too young to appreciate my wife.

I did enter the University of Georgia and barely got in by the “skin of my teeth” and barely got out with a B.S. degree in animal science.

In actuality my first job after graduating from college was in a gas station as an attendant pushing wiper blades.

The minimal success I had selling wiper blades did create an urge within me to go into sales.

I went to work for a company as a salesman for $4000.00 per year,
which at the time I left, I had worked all the way up to $10,000.00.

With three other friends, I then opened a restaurant. Unfortunately, for me, this venture went “belly-up.”

This threat to our finances caused me to found my own company and enter the janitorial industry.

My company remained small, but it provided me with an income for 35 years.

I am now retired and devote most of my time to writing.

P.S. I am not too young to fully appreciate Lake Lanier, as that is where we now live.






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